45th - History Picture Video

Please submit Your photos

Cut-off date Sunday 7th April!

"History Picture Video"

Yes, we are making a collection of

YOUR Favorite Pictures over the last 45 years

This will be played at the 45th Grand Reunion

How Many? You can submit up to 5 pictures for each decade (74-84, 85-94, 94-04, 05-14, 15-19, approximately) Try to submit at least one.

What Kind? Pictures can be anything, family, relatives, vacation, life events, hobbies, just what is important to you to share with your classmates. Can be funny or serious. Just make a statement with your pictures.

How To:  Upload your pictures (JPG file/extension) to your email and send to mac1974.com@gmail.com  (Need year of photo taken, description of event (example: 2018 Spencer - Kyle & Caroline) (example: 1985 Disney Land Spencer) (example: 1997 Place or Event Your Name)

What to do if?  My Old Pictures are not digital: If you have a scanner you can scan picture to a JPG.  If you need help, CVS, Walgreens, and Kinkos they will help you or do it for you.  They can save the file to a "gig stick/flash drive" or CD.  

I hate computers:  You can mail the gig stick/flash drive or CD to me at: Stephen Spencer, 14303 Rocky Pine Wood Street, San Antonio, TX 78249. 

I will return your CD or gig stick-just ask, or pick up at 45th Grand Reunion.  If you have children or nieces and nephews - they are pretty good at computers and can help you!  You are Welcome to call me (please leave voice mail if there is no answer)  210-393-4696 or send email through website link "contact us" tab.


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